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Benefits of Dancing

Dance and Wellness. 

How does Dance help? Regular Dancing ,

Improves cardiovascular health.

Improves balance, flexibility, posture , endurance , coordination , motor fitness and muscle strength.   

Boosts cognitive performance.

Dancing reduces stress and lifts your spirits. Movements and dance are extremely expressive, which can work as an emotional catharsis.

Increases mental functioning and memory as Dancing uses the entire body and mind using movements, coordination and cognitive abilities all at once effectively.

Increases confidence and self esteem as Dance is a very graceful form of communication.

Reduces feelings of isolation and exclusion.

Dance keeps your mind sharp, it is a lifelong skill. One can experience dance at any age.

The first step to dancing well is to let go of your insecurity and fear, so feel free and dance. And let Dance contribute towards your holistic development.

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