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We have 20 years of dance teaching experience to all age groups in different schools and universities both nationally and internationally. You are a dance lover, so do not restrict yourself just to the role of the spectator in an audience. Participate as a learner and experience dancing directly to appreciate and understand it better, also to get more joy out of it and in the process stay fit and active.Srijati Arts conducts online Odissi dance classess according to the convenient global time zones.The live, real time, interactive classes are conducted  as group dance lessons and as one-on-one private  lessons corresponding to the best convenient time schedules for international students from different countries and also throughout India. 

Age is not a bar for self expression through dance.

It is OKAY to not be perfect and be awkward in initial classes. 

Stay high on your dancing spirits with us. 

It's a journey and we will make it work together.

Dance from comfort of your homes.

Stay active,fit and happy.

Save time, effort in your commute choose Online dancing.

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